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TEAC A-H01 Pre-main Amplifier with USB for PC/MAC (192/32, optical/coaxial)

Introduction to the A-H01 Stereo Pre-main Amplifier with D/A Converter with USB audio input for PC/Mac. Main Features: High-performance Stereo Amplifier * USB Audio Class2 High-speed Input from PC/Mac * 32bit/192kHz D/A Converter (BurrBrown PCM5102) * Supports Asynchronous Transfer Mode * Total 5 Inputs (USB, Coaxial, Optical, Line1, Line2) * Motorized Volume Control * Aluminium Front Panel and Volume Knob * and many more!
codybobo88 : Perfect for unobtrusively driving Monitor Audio Gold speakers?>lnfo.help/Teac?ㄷ3    in my family room. Perfect match for my other Teac stuff, great amp.
Rooster sam : where to get it in malaysia...
BANG : I just purchased this recently, I had been running it with basic audio cables going out from my PC to the system was very pleased with the Audio to my DT 770s, while out I decided to hunt down the USB cable for the device though, set it up and got it all running.

The amount of difference it makes is night and day. Going from the AUX cables to the actual USB DAC is just amazing!
unicorns.R.real : I absolutely LOVE this unit. Amazing performance for the money. My only wish is that it had an adjustable crossover.

This is powering my Monitor Audio RX1 Silvers as my desktop PC audio solution, and it's an excellent pair!
Sami Douek : Amazing performance... a true audio quality in a compact and powerfull class D design plus excellent Burr Brown DAC. The performance of the headphone amp is great!



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