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브래드의 유물5 - 삼성 Yepp U3 / U5

브래드의 유물 5번째는
지금은 쓰지 않는 전자제품
제가 썼던 삼성 U3와 U5를 소개해드리겠습니다
구독 좋아요도 부탁드립니다
Rye Clarke : Hello, can I still buy one somewhere?
뮤즈BGM 센터 : 저 아래꺼 있는데 충전이 깜빡깜빡하고 안돼요ㅠㅠ
고치는 법 없나요?
처치 : 저 아래꺼 있는데 홀드 버튼이 고장났어요 ㅠㅠ 지금 삼성가도 고칠수 있을까요?
꾸루꾸 : 아래꺼 혹시 기본노래중 랩?있는거 제목 알수있을까요
황혜숙 : 저거 제 yp-u2에 비하여 유물이 아닌것 같은데요...

mp3 player SAMSUNG Yepp YP-R1 [Preview]

여성들을 위한 MP3가 등장했다!? 여성용 MP3를 표방한 삼성의 yepp YP-R1이 출시를 앞두고 많은 유저들의 관심과 기대를 모으고 있다. 과연 어떤 제품이길래 많은 유저들이 관심을 갖는 것인지 프 리뷰다나와에서 YP-R1을 만나본다.
Nick Upjohn : still prefer p3 although i wish p3 had beat dj and that interface. AND A BETER BATTERY AAARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
audiophil92 : @AznWhosWhite well they have firm updates regularly and the new one was supposed to improve the touchscreen sensitivity pretty substantially
skandaa : @eozmicmen have you found out ye?t, i want the dictionary (english one) aswell but cant seem to find it on there website. On the korean website theres the option to download the dictionary, i dont know if its english, korean or a bunch of languages but it takes a good 30-40 mins of download time, Also wether it would work on a european version is another topic.
Jo Lynn : the battery life of this mp3 player suuuuucks >.>
I wish it lasted a whole day, at least~

I like the fact that they use 2NE1 in this video. lol. I love them =P
Doj Kim : @krayzieygluv just mp3 does last 24hours +

Samsung YEPP YP NDU MP3 (1999)

Samsung YEPP YP NDU MP3 (1999)
#samsung #MP3 #yepp
My #1 First MP3 Player

"Herb Alpert - RISE", sound recording administered by:
***No More(11/01/2016 7:51 PM ET)***Now feat. Mozart!!!!
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{M|L} #miltonleite
Milton Leite : My #1 First MP3 Player - Samsung YEPP YP NDU MP3 (1999)
Julien Belair : Hey Milton, my boyfriend is searching for a song that was preloaded on a Yepp his father bought him. Would you mind sending us a list of what songs were preloaded if you still have them?
Descubrimiento Natural : :0 the space potato
strawberrycreamlord : oi look, it's the space potato farmer
Nathan Gonzalez (Nate) : Y E P P



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